Powder, Liquid, Antique, Corrosive, Inflammables and Explosives, Disk, Medicine, Health Products, Chemical and so on.

and Safe Logistics
from China

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For Cross Border E-commerce

Strong Network in Africa & Middle East

3 domestic branches, 9 Africa branches, 2 Middle East branches

The company has strong ability

Safety, stability and rich capital.
  • Safe

    Sending by CHOICE domestic company, receiving by CHOICE branches at destination, guarantee the safety by one-s operation.

  • Stable

    We have sufficient cargos, stable schedule of shipments. Daily delivery for air and daily loading for ocean.

  • Capital

    Abundant capital of CHOICE guarantees safe and professional service for you.

  • Comprehensive

    14 Global branches, stores and warehouses cover wholesale markets, 20 years focus on Africa and Middle East.

You Send Out and Receive Goods, Others We will Help-金沙游艺场网址

One s logistics service, you can focuses on your business.

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